Boost Your Business with Email Marketing

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How Email Marketing Helps Your Business to Succeed

Boost your business with email marketingIt’s a well-known fact that all businesses need a website.  The majority of businesses owners know this to be true, as they’re aware that without one, they run the risk of looking unprofessional and potentially untrustworthy.

However, it’s not always recognised that businesses that fail to connect with their potential clients or customers via a regular e-newsletter or email marketing campaign, are leaving money on the table.

It amazes me how many new clients fail to exploit this potential goldmine, as less than 10% use the power of email marketing, or only email sporadically. It’s actually very rare to meet a small business with a solid email marketing system in place. read more »

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Time to Update Your Social Media Profiles?

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As a Business Consultant and Productivity Specialist, using my time effectively is of paramount importance to me. We each have 86,400 seconds in every day and how we use that time needs careful consideration.

To use my time as impactful as possible, I structure my tasks on the “4 D’s Principal”. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of (or use) this principal, but I can highly recommend it. Briefly read more »

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The Eight Ps of Time Management

R2A : 24 October 2016 5:12 pm : Blog, Productivity, Time Management


Do you struggle to keep on top of it all, or have you ever been on the receiving end of poor service that’s down to someone’s terrible time management skills?

To Do List

A business owner who is unable to successfully manage their time and their To Do list, aren’t doing themselves and their customers any favours. If you find yourself ticking three or more of the following points, then you need to stop and take stock of how you manage your workload and your time:

  • Trying to do it all
  • Working late more than once a week
  • Missing or being dangerously close to deadlines
  • Unable to prioritise work
  • Making mistakes
  • Never or rarely exercising
  • Letting down customers or clients
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Receiving complaints
  • Not spending enough quality time with the family
  • Feeling constantly tired
  • Not eating a healthy diet
  • Feeling stressed

If so, the Eight Ps of Time Management provides a simple process to help manage a busy schedule.

read more »

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Tame Your To-Do List with Trello

R2A : 21 June 2016 10:44 am : Blog, Hectic Humans, To-Do Lists, Two Precious Hours


To-Do List Board
Once upon a time, in a land just 12 months ago, lived an Excel spreadsheet with a list of every single thing that came to mind that needed my attention…

As a huge fan of Excel, nothing could beat this wonderful tool for analysing data, creating databases, as well as keeping track of my To-Do lists (yes, plural).

Colours, filters, sorting and a search function, all the bells and whistles I needed to ensure both my home and work life is in order.

I’d been ‘selling’ Excel to my client as a means of listing and tracking their To-Do lists, encouraging them to do a mind dump, in order to start making sense of their never ending task and admittedly, inability to focus on the bigger picture. With so much written in diaries, on scrap paper, in Word documents, Post-it notes and yes, in their heads, they needed a means to export their To-Do list to something that could be actioned in a less random, more rational fashion. read more »

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Investing in Technology

R2A : 11 May 2016 11:14 am : Blog, Busy Businesses, Technology


Essential hardware and software for a business that you can depend on.

Smartphone and iPad

To be reliable and super mobile, to provide a service that clients can trust as well as to have the option work away from the office without any drop in productivity, is in part down to the use technology, both in terms of hardware and software.

This week saw the arrival of a fantastic new printer and portable external hard to the office, as well as a new Super Hub 3 from Virgin Media.

This, alongside my current hardware, is what’s used on a day to day basis to provide reliable support to clients. Without it, I couldn’t deliver level of service they have come to depend on. read more »

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